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DNA Introduced Directly Into Cell Nucleus Using Protein Nanodisks

These protein nanodisks are similar to the minivector DNAs developed by Baylor College of Medicine in that they have improved transfection efficiency and increased serum survival. Advertisements

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IL-13Rα2 can serve as a potent tumor antigen that can recruit immune responses against IL-13Rα2 expressing solid tumors

This study evaluated prophylactic and therapeutic effects of the IL-13Rα2 cDNA vaccination in syngeneic animal models of melanoma, sarcoma and breast cancer cells expressing IL-13Rα2 to prime the immune system. CTL activity and IFN-γ release was measured in mice vaccinated … Continue reading

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DNA prime/mixed VLP vaccination shows promise against HIV-1

This study confirms that enhanced cellular immune responses result in mice via chimaeric Gag VLPs incorporating GagRT and GagTN as vaccine boost candidates to a pVRCgrttnC DNA priming vaccine for HIV-1. The DNA prime/mixed VLP boost vaccination increased the cumulative … Continue reading

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Plasmid DNA 101

A plasmid is extra chromosomal DNA that is not incorporated in the main helix of genomic DNA. Plasmids occur in nature and can be found everywhere – in plants, insects, and bacteria. Scientists have discovered various applications for plasmids including … Continue reading

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Improved gene silencing capabilities with minivector DNAs

Baylor College of Medicine, in conjunction with The Methodist Hospital Research Institute, has developed a way to use minivector DNAs in gene therapy. These reduced sized DNA vectors (as small as 300bp) have high gene silencing capabilities and high serum … Continue reading

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Investing for the Future: Quality cGMP Cell Banks

Cell banking is essential for a biological product manufactured by the fermentation process, such as plasmid DNA. Particular emphasis is given to cGMP cell banks by following the regulatory standards (21CFR610). But how do you generate high quality cGMP cell banks, … Continue reading

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Helpful GMP Tips for the QA Manager

As a QA Manager for a plasmid manufacturer, I am always looking for innovative ways to maintain a focus on GMP and help employees understand its importance. GMP training accomplishes this, but it only occurs once or twice a year in … Continue reading

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