IL-13Rα2 can serve as a potent tumor antigen that can recruit immune responses against IL-13Rα2 expressing solid tumors

This study evaluated prophylactic and therapeutic effects of the IL-13Rα2 cDNA vaccination in syngeneic animal models of melanoma, sarcoma and breast cancer cells expressing IL-13Rα2 to prime the immune system. CTL activity and IFN-γ release was measured in mice vaccinated with prophylactic IL-13Rα2 DNA and boosted with ECDα2, resulting in higher measurements than DNA alone. Therapeutic IL-13Rα2 DNA and boost vaccination inhibited established MCA304, 4T1, and D5α2 tumor growth. Overall, immunization with IL-13Rα2 DNA vaccine followed by ECDα2 boost mixed with CpG and IFA adjuvants inhibits tumor growth and significantly prolongs the survival of mice compared to DNA vaccine alone.

Hideyuki Nakashima, Toshio Fujisawa, Syed R Husain, Raj K Puri.
Interleukin-13 receptor α2 DNA prime boost vaccine induces tumor immunity in murine tumor models.”
Journal of Translational Medicine 2010

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