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DNA prime/mixed VLP vaccination shows promise against HIV-1

This study confirms that enhanced cellular immune responses result in mice via chimaeric Gag VLPs incorporating GagRT and GagTN as vaccine boost candidates to a pVRCgrttnC DNA priming vaccine for HIV-1. The DNA prime/mixed VLP boost vaccination increased the cumulative … Continue reading

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Plasmid DNA 101

A plasmid is extra chromosomal DNA that is not incorporated in the main helix of genomic DNA. Plasmids occur in nature and can be found everywhere – in plants, insects, and bacteria. Scientists have discovered various applications for plasmids including … Continue reading

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Improved gene silencing capabilities with minivector DNAs

Baylor College of Medicine, in conjunction with The Methodist Hospital Research Institute, has developed a way to use minivector DNAs in gene therapy. These reduced sized DNA vectors (as small as 300bp) have high gene silencing capabilities and high serum … Continue reading

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